Financial advice.

Our financial and administrative advice is tailored for  Swiss Companies and private Clients who want to undertake business abroad or foreign Companies / private  who want to do business in Switzerland.

We provide advices addressed to the administrative  organizational model (e.g. 231/01 italian law).

We offer you the opportunity to be in contact with specialized expertise through professionals having experience in different areas.

We provide required advice on tax, corporate, legal, trust, banking for entrepreneurs, SMEs and family-run businesses, dialing with fiscal litigation in Switzerland.

  • Our advisors are carefully selected on the basis of your needs to provide you the best satisfaction.

  • You will be supported by a network of professionals for tax and accounting services.

1. Identify the topic

You need to receive a qualified advice about the financial or administrative aspects dialing with fiscal litigation in Switzerland or local laws

2. Contact Gringoo

Contact Gringoo via WhatsApp: 0041 79 215 59 68, or via email: The personal assistant will support you selecting the best professional for your needs

3. Receive the advice

Our advisor will provide you the service assuring the full satisfaction for your business.

Examples of financial advice.

– Doing business in Switzerland: the different structures and advantages to consider
– Tax concessions and incentives (Patent, reduced taxation, subsidized labor costs, etc)
– the regulation of cross-border relations (transfer price, dividends, royalties, etc.)
– responsibilities and roles of management and shareholders involved with the foreign company
– business cases

– Global context, corporate mission, business / strategic plan
– tax and commercial planning
– protection of intellectual property
– branch, subsidiary, holding company
– Treaties and Agreements between States

– Roles, duties and key figures;
– legal instruments to facilitate the generational transition (holding, trust, simple partnerships, etc.) and main successor aspects to consider
– tax planning, aspects of M&A and private equity
– the family holding company
– examples

– the use of the trust institution to protect and manage assets (of managers, entrepreneurs and companies and for welfare purposes)
– the importance of analyzing external risks and facilitating the generational handover or involvement of the manager
– tax breaks and legal aspects to be considered in the transfer of assets to the parties involved
– corporate governance and responsibility of the trustee
– business cases

– Role of new technologies within companies
– the Swiss example of the first regulation of the sector
– innovative start-ups, tax breaks and calls for innovation
– examples

  • Gringoo provides services by remote to private and Companies in your preferred language.
  • The examples of services on financial sector are normally performed on the basis of 2 hours. During the courtesy call, the timing could be agreed.
  • Gringoo is available to agree with you a tailored economical and timing offer, depending on your specific needs.