About us.

Gringoo helps the Organisations and Companies to design and maintain the Management System so to provide added value for the business.

Gringoo provide professional financial and administrative advices to assure you the best business experience.

Gringoo performs internal audits, consulting, training and advices by remote to meet your expectations, assuring the same effectiveness compared with services made on site.

Gringoo created an international network of professionals and financial experts, working also for Certification Bodies, so to assure you a consistent interpretation of the Standards requirements and financial/administrative aspects.

Gringoo designed its services with slot of 2 hours, so you could be sure about requested timing and comfortably dedicate yourself during the day to other task.

Gringoo believes that each Client is unique. For this reason a personal assistant is dedicated to you for the entire duration of the service; you can have a single reference point and communicate effectively with us.

Advantages of remote services

The international network of professionals

The value of standardization, accreditation and certification

Code of conduct

Advantages of remote services.

The extraordinary experience of our remote activities, convinced us to continue to offer internal audits, consulting and training by remote. We assure you that our services are equally effective as those performed on site, in addition to this, they are more efficient!

Here are some benefits we would like to share:

  • the improvement of the actual timing for carrying our services avoiding wasting time
  • the possibility to provide you the international network of professionals qualified on your industrial sector, without the worry of costs or travel time
  • the availability to perform the services even on more sessions and different days avoiding to charge extra-costs
  • the certainty of having the real cost of the requested service
  • the consistency of the same service in different Countries, for the benefit of the International Organisations
  • the significant contribution to the reduction of both traffic and air pollution.

The international network of professionals.

Gringoo created and trained an international network of qualified auditors, advisors and tutors able to support you on all your needs about the Management System and business aspects.

Gringoo’s professionals work both as consultants and auditors for Certification Bodies, for this reason they are qualified, accredited and hold the best competence to understand your Organisation and better interpret the International Standard requirements applied your Organisation’s industry sector.

We believe that this is an indisputable added value that allows you to obtain the most appropriate advice and audits for the performances improvement of your Management System and organisational model.

The value of standardization, accreditation and certification.

Gringoo believes that the standardization plays an essential role for the benefit of the Organisation. Standardization Bodies understand the needs of all interested parties and translate them in the best possible way into National and International Standards.

The accreditation assures a professional network of Conformity Assessment Bodies able to perform the services with competence, assure the requested qualifications and respect the relevant requirements.

The accredited certification assures integrity and protection of the assessed Management System, so that it could be able to continually improve its performances and satisfy the Clients.

In addition to all this, a professional consultancy activity helps to maintain the level of integrity and seriousness of the management systems. Gringoo is here for you.

Code of conduct.

Our professional people are asked to operate in accordance with the following code of conduct:

  • Act ethically towards both Client and Gringoo
  • Undertake a continual professional development to share the best practices
  • Assure the right communication to the Client about the outcomes of the provided service

  • Accept the responsibilities coming from a correct analysis of the Managment System performances, consulting and training

  • Act supporting a culture addressed to the principles of the Management System, standardization, accreditation and certification

  • Work assuring and protecting Gringoo‘s reputation, acting  per garantire e proteggere la reputazione di Gringoo, always acting in a transparent and honest, precise and confidential manner 

  • Cooperate with both Gringoo and the Client to assure the expected service

  • Demonstrate sensitivity, fairness and respect towards its stakholders

  • Inform Gringoo about each event which could put at risk the relationship with the Client.

Our Vision

Offer the best experience of precision and confidentiality


Improve the performances of the Client Organisation through the professional approach of our auditors and advisors, offering the best contribution for the benefit of the organisational efficiency.

Increase the culture of the Management Systems importance to assure to each Client the simple and best experience by remote so that the Organisation is a continuos source of improvement.


  • Provide remote services of internal audits, consulting and training, assuring the best qualitative standards to small, medium and large Organisations
  • Satisfy the Client requests anticipating expectations, helping them to achieve goals and reducing time and costs
  • Make the best professionals available to Clients, capable of carrying out internal audits, consulting and training in the desired language
  • Consider the cultural approach essential item for the Client success
  • Respect the context of the standardization, accreditation and certification as essential reference points.