1. Identify the topic

You need to create or improve the performances of the Management System, or you need to solve non conformities or understand some standard requirements... You need to receive a qualified training about the Management System or a specific Standard requirement

2. Contact Gringoo

Contact Gringoo via WhatsApp: 0041 79 215 59 68, or via email: info@gringoo.ch A personal assistant will support you for the entire consulting and training path

3. Consulting and Training

Our advisor provides you the solutions, performs the agreed actions and releases a detailed report to assure the best satisfaction. Our tutor will perform the training session and we will assure you the effectiveness of the service. At the end of the training, you will receive the training certificate.

Consulting and Training.

Consulting is addressed to both executive and operative level.

We provide to Top Management the best benefit, supporting the Management System Governance approach and, at operative level, the best suggestions about how to design, maintain and improve the Management System. We care about each step of your Management System in order to be consistent with the Organisation needs.

During the consulting activities we provide detailed report about both the progress of the actions and the conformity and effectiveness of the Management System.

Our training activities are designed for your Organisation and addressed to the interpretation of the Management System requirements.

The Clients require training services about how to design the Management System, with specific attention to both efficiency and effectiveness, starting from Context Analysis and Risk based thinking.

  • Our advisors and tutors are auditors working for Certification Bodies and so qualified and able to interpret the Organisation needs against the standard requirements. 

  • Before the consulting and training service, you will be in touch with the selected professional in order to agree the details of the required service. 

  • Gringoo provides services by remote in your preferred language.
  • The examples are for your reference only and – in case of consulting – normally include the reporting time. The duration is agreed together with you on the basis of the experience, complexity of your Organisation/Company and your needs.
  • In case of consulting, Gringoo supports you for the implementation of the topic.
  • In case of training, Gringoo provides you the tecniques to implement the topic.
  • Gringoo is available to agree with you a tailored economical and timing offer, depending on your specific needs and the complexity of your organisation; e.g. the Design of the Management System, the Governance of your Management System, the preparation for the certification, the support during the certification audit…

1 hour

Gringoo’s courses.

The clause of the Standard: interpretation and implementation.

Scope: This course is designed to analyse the clause requested by the Client, giving examples of implementation.


  • The analysis of the requirement against the scope of the Organisation
  • Some examples of interpretation
  • The chosen of the correct implementation
  • The objective evidences to produce

Performing an audit by remote.

Scope: Techniques to help you on correctly implement an audit by remote.


  • How to plan the audit correctly
  • The kick-off
  • Searching for the objective evidence
  • The outcomes of the audit
  • The reporting

2 hours

Gringoo’s courses.

Context analysis.

Scope: A complete overview of the Chapter 4 of the standard – with the relevant examples of implementation.


  • The internal and external issues
  • The references to the objectives
  • The internal issues: how to select them?
  • The external issues: PESTLE analysis
  • The objective evidences to produce
  • How to maintain the context analysis

SWOT analysis.

Scope: How to use the SWOT analysis to provide the best benefits for the Organisation.


  • Overview of the benefits
  • The internal and external factors
  • How to create a solid SWOT analysis
  • The link with the Management Review
  • How to maintain the SWOT analysis

Training effectiveness.

Scope: The course provide you the best methodology for the measurement of the training effectiveness.


  • The knowledge and awareness of the human resources
  • Collection of training needs
  • The training plan
  • Implementation and reporting
  • The monitoring of the training outcomes
  • The effectiveness evaluation
  • Training plan updating

Internal communication.

Scope: How to create an effective communication process for the benefit of the Management and human resources.


  • The internal communication process
  • The impact of a correct communication
  • Influencer and Leader
  • Selection of the right tools
  • Communication plan

4 hours

Gringoo’s courses.

Risk-based thinking.

Scope: The course provide you the complete picture about how to demonstrate the implementation of the risk-based thinking.


  • The new approach of the Management System
  • Risk and opportunity concepts
  • The awareness requested to the human resources
  • Risk Management phases
  • The objective evidences to produce
  • How to maintain the risk based thinking

Processes mapping.

Scope: How to create the mapping of the processes for your Management System. 


  • Overview of the Management System framework
  • The process
  • The turtle diagram
  • Mapping the processes of the Management System
  • Conformity and effectiveness of each process


Scope: The correct way to collect the evidences for the continual improvement of the performances.


  • The Quality Management Principles
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the Management System
  • Objectives and indicators
  • The measurement methodology and reporting
  • Non conformity treatment
  • The new objectives

The internal audit programme and plan.

Scope: The course provide the techniques to create and maint a suitable programme of the internal audits with specific examples about how to plan each single audit.


  • The internal audit process
  • The analysis of the requirement
  • Programming the internal audits
  • Plan of an internal audit
  • Follow up
  • Internal audits and Management review

Corrective action.

Scope: How to manage the corrective actions following the Non-conformities issued by internal or external audits.


  • Non-conformity
  • Correction and corrective action
  • 5 Why
  • Root cause
  • Improvement actions


Scope: An overview of the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) tool, specifically addressed to manage the risks.


  • The principles
  • FMEA for risk based thinking
  • The selection of the failure mode
  • Severity, Occurrence and Detection
  • The link between risk and objective

How to engage the people.

Scope: How to solve one of the Quality Management Principles in a better way, with specific clear examples of people engagement.


  • The Quality Management Principles
  • Involvement and engagement
  • Human resources clauses
  • Objectives and indicators
  • Internal communication
  • Risks and opportunities

The Quality Management Principles.

Scope: The explanation of the Quality Management Principles – examples and relationship with standard requirements.


  • The impact of the Quality Management Principles
  • Customer focus
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship Management

8 hours

Gringoo’s courses.

Appreciation and understanding of a Standard.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 22301, IRIS, ISO/TS 16949… 

Scope: The full explanation of the standard requirements, starting from the organisational context up to the conitnual improvement.


  • The overview
  • Annex SL
  • Organisational Context
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement

Preparing the checklist for internal audits.

Scope: The course will help you to prepare the checklist useful to conduct an effective internal audit. The consultancy will provide you the checklists for your Management System.


  • Linking the clauses
  • How to set up the checlist
  • Open and closed questions
  • Collecting the objective evidences
  • Preparing the checklist

The documentation of a Management System.

Scope: This session is designed to give the right approach to the level of documentation needed in accordance with the principles of the standard for each size of organisation.


  • The overview of the organisation
  • The requirements of documented information
  • The documents of the Governance
  • Documentation mapping and review

Management review.

Scope: This is a useful session to help you to create a solid management review. The consultancy will provide you the support to release the Management review report for your Organisation.


  • The commitment of the Top Management
  • How to approach to the Management Review
  • The Management Review sections: input and output
  • Production of a Management Review

Making the audit together.

Scope: During this session the coach will accompain you on the audit experience, supporting you during the internal audit or the audit to your supplier. In this way, you can learn on field the challenges that comes from the audit by remote process. This offer is for 2 processes. The first 4 hrs will be spent to prepare the audit (planning and checklist), the second 4 hrs will be spent to perform the audit and release the report. 


  • Planning the audits
  • Creating the checklists
  • Performing the audits
  • Preparing the report